[DRAMA] Mei-chan ~ Hiro

Bu Bu Jing Xin ~ tops my list of favorite drama of 2011

《步步惊心》 Bu Bu Jing Xin ~ OST 《一念执着》《等你的季节》《三寸天堂》(my favorite OST song of the lot being 《三寸天堂》by Ivyan)

Official MV of 《三寸天堂》by Ivyan - I love this song so much!

35 Minute Long Official Extended Trailer [English subbed]
Part 1: 

Part 2:

Part 3:

The crazy obsession that is Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling By Each Step) has done me in these past 2 weeks starting on the 10th of September when the first 10 episodes were leaked (and no surprise that I marathoned them right away, lol). So invested in this drama, that I then I turned to the English novel translations (currently up to chapter 8 is translated out of 40 chapters). ~~~~> http://bubujingxinenglish.blogspot.com/

I finally finished episode 35 last night (watched it twice!!) at 4:30 am. Needless to say, I was a bumbling bum at the office today; trying hard not to fall asleep and concentrate on work meanwhile all I managed to do was think about the shippy-ness that is 4th Prince/Ruo Xi, 14th Prince/Ruo Xi, & 8th Prince/Ruo Xi...and while we're at it, 13th Prince/Ruo Xi. If life would have it, I say she should have married them all and have a harem of the sexy princes ---- think the alternate universe that was in Ooku.

--------- starting off this megapost of a semi-review of the drama by first stating that the wannabe Bu Bu Jing Xin drama adaption "Gong/Jade Palace Jade Heart" is a complete piece of poop when compared to the real thing. It was an idol drama for eye candy purposes only, everything else was subpar to Bu Bu Jing Xin, especially when it comes down to the most important aspects of a good tv show: acting and story - which Bu Bu Jing Xin owned! --------- 

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Aiiii...I am but long-winded. lol *facepalm*
[K8] Yasuda Shota

My prayers to my Kimi-kun

I initially came back here to post about the JYP ft 2AM concert last night. But after reading about the passing of Yoko's mother, I couldn't bring myself to be happy.

My prayers and deepest condolences to you and your loved ones.

I went from being high on happiness because I got to meet all of 2AM (hugged JinWoon & JYP) last night, got all the VIP package signed goodies & entrance to the after party ($300), to shocked and saddened by this unfortunate news.

Words cannot convey how I feel at this moment knowing that someone I love is hurting on one hand yet still having to continue on professionally on the other.
[SuJu] Siwonnie & Hangkyung smiling

December~! It's December which means......

Lord & Taylor
E39th Street Fifth Avenue NY, NY

sorry for the crappy picture, it was taken with my camera phone LGVX8500 after work hours

01. Christmas is almost here!
02. Multiple snowboarding/skiing trips!
03. "47" will be released on the 12th!
04. My PhotoBook will arrive on the 25th!!!
05. Snow? I think the weather forecast predicts snow tomorrow.
06. The pretty lightings all over NYC (my favorite part of the holidays)
07. A mini-break away from work
08. Everyone's in their best of moods....afterall, it is a time to be jolly.
09. Hot chocolate with marshmallows~
10. Poppy Christmas songs + carols!

I uploaded a bunch of Japanese Christmas singles/albums last December and links are still working, you can find them over here~

RECOMMENDATION: Shounen Club Christmas Songs ~ There are 22 Songs Total!!

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The weather is getting colder by the day. It's 19 degrees Fahrenheit right now (which is -7.2 degrees Celsius to those of you not from the US). *giggles with glee because of our condo's central heating*

Wells, happy holidays and season's greetings, everyone~ Stay warm and safe!

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[SuJu] Siwonnie & Hangkyung smiling

[DDL] Tenimyu Musicals + Backstages + Live SP + Supporters DVD

Since I'm a HUMONGOUS fan of Aiba Hiroki, Kato Kazuki, Konishi Ryousei (Hiroki), Shirota Yuu, and KENN (and well, just all of D-BOYS), it's only obvious that I'm a major Tenimyu fan as well~ XD

But even if it weren't for the hot seiyuu in these musicals, I would still recommend fellow TeniPuri fans to download and watch these musicals~♥

I've compiled and uploaded all of the Tenimyu Musicals (some subbed and others RAW) onto MU for everybody. Please do not ask for any reuploads onto other filehosts.

*credits to tenimedia  tenimyu  tenipuri_myu, strawberrywine, a lot from emule, skyhu, 5c's gogobox, and  舞の城永久聯盟會

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I uploaded Garo in an earlier post which stars Konishi Ryousei (previously known as Konishi Hiroki)~ I really recommend that jdrama even if tokusatsu series aren't your thing. Aside from the major eye candy, the storylines are really interesting once you set aside the "power ranger" setup.
[KATTUN] Akanishi Jin

Johnny Entertainment Media

>>UPDATED DAILY<< 2007.04.22

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