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Eighter » Joanna♥
《步步惊心》 Bu Bu Jing Xin ~ OST 《一念执着》《等你的季节》《三寸天堂》(my favorite OST song of the lot being 《三寸天堂》by Ivyan)

Official MV of 《三寸天堂》by Ivyan - I love this song so much!

35 Minute Long Official Extended Trailer [English subbed]
Part 1: 

Part 2:

Part 3:

The crazy obsession that is Bu Bu Jing Xin (Startling By Each Step) has done me in these past 2 weeks starting on the 10th of September when the first 10 episodes were leaked (and no surprise that I marathoned them right away, lol). So invested in this drama, that I then I turned to the English novel translations (currently up to chapter 8 is translated out of 40 chapters). ~~~~> http://bubujingxinenglish.blogspot.com/

I finally finished episode 35 last night (watched it twice!!) at 4:30 am. Needless to say, I was a bumbling bum at the office today; trying hard not to fall asleep and concentrate on work meanwhile all I managed to do was think about the shippy-ness that is 4th Prince/Ruo Xi, 14th Prince/Ruo Xi, & 8th Prince/Ruo Xi...and while we're at it, 13th Prince/Ruo Xi. If life would have it, I say she should have married them all and have a harem of the sexy princes ---- think the alternate universe that was in Ooku.

--------- starting off this megapost of a semi-review of the drama by first stating that the wannabe Bu Bu Jing Xin drama adaption "Gong/Jade Palace Jade Heart" is a complete piece of poop when compared to the real thing. It was an idol drama for eye candy purposes only, everything else was subpar to Bu Bu Jing Xin, especially when it comes down to the most important aspects of a good tv show: acting and story - which Bu Bu Jing Xin owned! --------- 

Aiiii...I am but long-winded. lol *facepalm*
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